I’m sure you’ve heard about cheating in game already. Maybe you have seen a player who was nearly immortal in some game? How was that even possible? The anwser is simple – this player was cheating.
Actuallly the Cheat Engine software and the game you want to hack are the only two programs you need to start having fun. Usage of this application isn’t that hard to handle – it was designed and prepared for everyone to use, not only hackers or other pro users. So I guess everybody can manage this, you are not going to be discouraged. Cheat Engine is 100% free piece of software, that’s another adventage. We have made this short tutorial for newbies and we’re going to explain everything, don’t be afraid.

We’ve made this list of steps to show you how this works:

  • First step is to run Cheat Engine and the game,
  • Now you have to click the PC icon in Cheat Engine – now you’ll see the list of processes. Select your game.
  • After this, you need to find the value you want to hack, It can be what you want – Gold, Mana Points or something like that. It depends what you are interested in.
  • Now enter the value under Value, then click New Scan and First Scan.
  • The list of values will appear on the left. And it will be most likely a huge amount of values with the same value as that you want to change. A great way to find the one wanted variable is to go to the game and change it – for example increase your gold amount by one.
  • After you changed the value, go back into Cheat Engine and enter the new value, click Next Scan.
    You have to repeat this action until there are 1 or 2 values left.
  • Now you should recognize what value is the wanted one. You have to right click them, choose “Change Record” and input the value.
  • And it’s done. Go back to the game and see the results.

Are you going to have alot of money today in your favourite game? Or maybe your Health Points total will be around 999999?
Have fun using this software and think how you can use it in other ways. Maybe you are going to be a little bit confused now, but try it on your own – you’ll see how easy it actually is.