Hacking is generally the practice of modifying the features of a system or something in website, in order to accomplish a goal outside of the creator’s purpose.
The person who is knows how to hack is called a hacker or cracker. See also “What is hacker” in our blog for more information. The most popular form o hacking is today computer hacking – especially in computer security. But there are also many other forms of this activity, such as brain / phone hacking or such – actually there’s an unlimited list of them. According to the big attention given to blackhat hackers from the media, the whole hacking is very often improperly confused with cyber crimes and that’s the reason hackers reputiation is so tarnished. It’s very unfair and cruel for them, as you can guess. Hackers are confused with crackers generally. Our goal is simple – we want to get you to know the truth about hackers. And to understand the diffrence between these two groups, who are so veried. We want to partly clear hackers’ names and give them a good social status – they deserve that. Hacking is generally any technical effort to break some kind of computer security.

A hacker is simply a person engaged in hacking. The term “hacking” was oryginally referred to constructive, clever technical work that wasn’t always related to computer systems. But today this term is most commonly associated with malicious programming attacks on the Internet or other networks.
There now are many known viruses with more appearing day after day. Most hackers and their nefarious deeds can affect any computer owner whether he is an simple user or student or he is just writing an email. They can attack either a blogger, or a network administrator on site or on the internet. No matter your level of computer use, you have to protect your yo. The best way to know how to protect yurself and your computer from unwanted attacks.

A computer “virus” was used to describe machine code command inserted into a computer’s memory that, on execution, copies itself into other programs and files on the computer. Depending on the hacker’s intent, the virus can affect your computer in many ways.