Welcome on our website. As you know – the internet has as many downsides as well as upsides but it’s the lack of knowledge about dangers on users’ behalf makes it easier for hackers to go about their business. Here you can learn how to hack in a lot of ways. Let’s take a deep look and see how to hack. You are going to be amazed how many security gaps are in the internet. You can do much more than a simple user. And if you are really interested in hacking – you can really develop your skills and become a true hacker. Feel free to look around our blog.

John the Ripper

John the Ripper is a free, open source software. It's distributed primarily in source code form. This program is used for password cracking. It's initially developed for the Unix system and it runs on many different platforms like Win32, DOS, OpenVMS, BeOS. That's one...

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Wireshark is a packet analyzing program. This type of software is called sniffer. It's free and open source. It's used for analysis, development, troubleshooting in network or just education. It's original name is "Ethereal", the name have been changed in May 2006 due...

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Cheat engine – video

In this case, you can see how cheat engine works in Battlefield 4. Take a look at the video, cheat engine is a powerfull tool and it's not that complicated as you think. You can start using it even today - it's free.  ...

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How to cheat?

I'm sure you've heard about cheating in game already. Maybe you have seen a player who was nearly immortal in some game? How was that even possible? The anwser is simple - this player was cheating. Actuallly the Cheat Engine software and the game you want to hack are...

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What is hacker?

First of all, meaning of term "hacker" has changed a lot in the past years. For now, hacker is a person who exploits weaknesses in a computer system or network security for his adventages. Motivation for hackers can be very various - they may hack for profit, protest,...

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